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Character Education


“Character education includes and complements a broad range of educational approaches such as whole child education, service learning, social-emotional learning, and civic education. All share a commitment to helping young people become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens. To be effective in schools, character education must involve everyone—school staff, parents, students, and community members—and be part of every school day. It must be integrated into the curriculum as well as school culture. When this happens and school communities unite around developing character, schools see amazing results.” *



As part of the FRCS elementary school curriculum, students in grades K-4 receive Character Education classes once a week. The monthly topics are listed below.



September: Respect

October: Kindness

November: Generosity

December: Self-Control

January: Courage and Self-Motivation

February: Fairness

March: Empathy

April: Honesty

May: Perseverance

June: Pride