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Staff Directory

Staff First Name Staff Last Name Staff Job Title Email
Jennifer Adams Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Olivia Ahlman Teacher, Special Education, Elementary [email protected]
Brianne Akers Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Catherine Alix Nurse Lead, High School/District [email protected]
Christopher Allen Teacher, English as a Second Language [email protected]
Suyapa Allen Adjustment Counselor, Middle School [email protected]
Sheryl Amodie Administrative Assistant, Elementary [email protected]
Victoria Anderson Teacher, Math Interventionist [email protected]
Ana Arenella Teacher, General Education, Kindergarten [email protected]
Mark Arruda Crossing Guard, District [email protected]
Justin Augusto Teacher, Special Education, High School [email protected]
Anna Azarloza Interim Co-Executive Director [email protected]
Christopher Barb Teacher, Mathematics, High School [email protected]
Lynette Barreras General Science, Middle School [email protected]
Nadine Barrows Coordinator, Professional Development [email protected]
Michelle Bartucca Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Maureen Belanger Accounting Specialist [email protected]
Aline Bellangero Associate, Technology [email protected]
Christiana Benson Principal. Elementary K-4 [email protected]
Dana Benton-Johnson Director, School Climate & Culture [email protected]
Heidi Berkowitz Interim Co-Executive Director [email protected]
Anne Blackney Guidance Counselor, Character  [email protected]
Meghan Blaisdell Teacher, General Education, Ki [email protected]
Curtis Boisvert Teacher, Physical Education &  [email protected]
Suzanne Booker Teacher, General Education, El [email protected]
Magdala Bordes-Joseph Adjustment Counselor, Middle S [email protected]
Julie-Anne Borrelli Clinician, BRYT, Elementary [email protected]
Jessica Bourassa Teacher, Reading Intensive, Elementary [email protected]
Kristen Bowerfind Accounts Payable Specialist [email protected]
Connie Bozzi Paraprofessional, Kindergarten [email protected]
Leeanna Brown Guidance Counselor, Character  [email protected]
Yesennia Cabral Teacher Foreign Language Spani [email protected]
Alexandra Calvert Paraprofessional, 1:1, Elementary [email protected]
Karen Calvert Director, Finance, District [email protected]
Courtney Camacho Adjustment Counselor, Elementary [email protected]
Eric Carcamo Paraprofessional, Special Education [email protected]
Joselyn Carlin Teacher Foreign Language Spanish [email protected]
Ashley Chalfin Teacher, Special Education, Middle [email protected]
Brenda Charlette Teacher, Reading Intensive, Elementary [email protected]
Malik Chase Character Education, Middle School [email protected]
Maureen Clark Teacher, English as a Second Language [email protected]
Juliette Coatsworth Guidance Counselor, Character Ed [email protected]
Rosemary Coelho Paraprofessional, Kindergarten [email protected]
Megan Collins Paraprofessional, Special Education [email protected]
Lori Colombo Administrative Assistant, Culture [email protected]
Karen Corey Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Karen Corrado Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Melissa Costa Guidance Counselor, Character Education [email protected]
Michael Cournoyer Principal. High School 9-12 [email protected]
Christine Davidson Teacher, Special Education, High [email protected]
Zoraida Defreitas Teacher, Foreign Language Spanish [email protected]
Tracie DeGasparre Administrative Assistant  [email protected]
Alisa Diakite Principal. Middle School 5-8 [email protected]
Julian Diaz Behavior Interventionist, Middle School [email protected]
David DiPaolo Teacher, Biology, High School  [email protected]
Kimberly DiRodi Teacher, History, High School  [email protected]
Victor Donaire Teacher Foreign Language Spanish [email protected]
Vandra Durning Payroll/Accounting Manager [email protected]
Matthew Duska Teacher, Visual Arts, High School [email protected]
Benjamin Dyer Instructional Training Manager [email protected]
George Eddis Teacher, English Language Arts [email protected]
Lauren Ells Teacher, English, High School  [email protected]
William Ells Teacher, History, High School  [email protected]
Luann Emanuel Administrative Assistant, Middle School [email protected]
Laura Emerson Teacher, Foreign Language Spanish [email protected]
Alyson Emma Teacher, Special Education, Elementary [email protected]
Brittany Engle Teacher, English, High School  [email protected]
Robyn Ennis Teacher, Reading Intensive, Elementary [email protected]
Kathleen Fagan Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Donovan Fauvelle Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Sara Fazziola Teacher, Mathematics Interventionist [email protected]
Brianne Federico Teacher, Special Education, El [email protected]
John Feeney Manager, Instructional Technology [email protected]
Stephanie Fincher Teacher, English as a Second Language [email protected]
Julie Fitzgerald Guidance Counselor, Elementary [email protected]
Kathleen Foley Interim Deputy Director [email protected]
Emily Francis Paraprofessional, Kindergarten [email protected]
Ellen Garber Food Services Assistant [email protected]
Rafael Garcia Teacher, Special Education, High School [email protected]
Jason Giampietro Manager of Grounds, District [email protected]
Kathleen Gimler Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Amanda Goddard Assistant Director, English Language [email protected]
Rebecca Goldberg Teacher, English Language Arts [email protected]
Rachel Goldman Teacher, Math Interventionist, [email protected]
Casey Goodman Teacher, General Education, El [email protected]
Patricia Goulding Paraprofessional, Special Educ [email protected]
Jason Gracia Teacher, Physical Education &  [email protected]
Matthew Graham Teacher, Mathematics, Middle School [email protected]
Michael Grandel Teacher, Music, Elementary & Middle School [email protected]
Donna Grasso Assistant, Food Services [email protected]
Patricia Green Paraprofessional, Special Education [email protected]
Michelle Greene Teacher, Special Education [email protected]
Patricia Greene Manager, Food Services, District [email protected]
Allyson Grover Paraprofessional, Special Education [email protected]
Emily Guariglia School Psychologist, District [email protected]
Shawn Gudmundson Dean of Student Life
Vanina Guidi Teacher, Chemistry, High School [email protected]
Samuel Joel Guptill Teacher, Mathematics, High School [email protected]
Andres Gutierrez Teacher Foreign Language Spanish [email protected]
Justin Haffermehl Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Susan Hamm Food Services Assistant [email protected]
H Hardie Teacher, English, High School  [email protected]
Shurron Harris Teacher, Music, Elementary K-4 [email protected]
Andrew Haskell Teacher, Instructional Technology [email protected]
Kevin Heayden Manager of Facilities, District [email protected]
Juan Holguin Teacher, Foreign Language Spanish [email protected]
Danielle Iacobucci Teacher, Mathematics, Middle School [email protected]
Lissette Ilaria Coordinator, Admissions and Volunteer [email protected]
Osagie Itetia Associate, Technology [email protected]
Jennifer Johnson Teacher, English as a Second Language [email protected]
Joseph Johnson Teacher, Social Studies, Middle School [email protected]
Scott Thomas Johnson Assistant Principal, Middle School [email protected]
Michelle Kilduff Assistant, Food Services [email protected]
Eileen Kilroy Food Services Assistant [email protected]
Nora Kingman Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Kara Kinz Teacher, Mathematics, High School [email protected]
Madison Knorr   [email protected]
Susanne Kraus Teacher, General Science, Middle School [email protected]
Ashley LaCourse Teacher, Foreign Language Span [email protected]
Jennifer Laflamme Food Services Assistant [email protected]
Linda Lavallee Administrative Assistant, Operations, District [email protected]
Nancy LeBlanc Guidance Counselor, High School [email protected]
Vanessa Lennerton Teacher, Foreign Language Spanish [email protected]
Jean Lewis Director, Transportation [email protected]
Nicholas Lewis Facilities [email protected]
Jessica Libucha Teacher, Special Education, Middle School [email protected]
Allison Lipson School Nurse, Elementary K-4 [email protected]
Rebecca Littlefield Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Amy Lord Teacher, Chemistry, High School [email protected]
Lisa Lucas Assistant, Food Services [email protected]
Debra Lussier Food Services Assistant [email protected]
Caitlin Marshall Paraprofessional, Special Education [email protected]
Natalia Martinez Guidance Counselor, Middle School [email protected]
Lauren Mason Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Amanda Mathias Communications, District [email protected]
Richard McComb Assistant, Maintenance, District [email protected]
Neil McDonald Building Substitute, Elementary [email protected]
Jessica McGinn Teacher, Mathematics, Middle School [email protected]
Kaitlin McGrath Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Nicole McNamara Teacher, English Language Arts [email protected]
Terry McVay Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Lesly Michelot Director of Operations, District [email protected]
Keith Moan Director, Technology, District [email protected]
Erin Monahan Teacher Visual Arts. Elementary [email protected]
Pamela Mooney Teacher, Special Education, Middle School [email protected]
Hannah Moore Teacher Foreign Language Spanish [email protected]
Linda Morse Teacher, History, High School  [email protected]
Amy Muldowney Behavioral and Mental Health [email protected]
Kathryn Mulvoy Teacher, Social Studies, Middle School [email protected]
Carrie Munson Instructional Coach, Elementary [email protected]
Marylee Mutrie School Nurse, Elementary K-4 [email protected]
Linda Noiseux Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Kristin North Speech and Language, District [email protected]
Lauren O'Reilly Teacher, Special Education [email protected]
Kerry O'Rourke Coordinator, Outreach, District [email protected]
James Obenchain Teacher, History, High School  [email protected]
Lori Obenchain Director, Student Services, District [email protected]
Hannah Patalano Teacher, Special Education, Middle School [email protected]
Elizabeth Pavao Teacher, English, High School  [email protected]
Roy Pavao Teacher, Biology, High School  [email protected]
Danielle Pelletier Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Theresa Pereira Teacher, Mathematics, High School [email protected]
Josette Perkins Manager, Operations, District [email protected]
Sylvia Peters Substitute Coordinator, District, Human Resources [email protected]
Sonny Polanco Teacher, Foreign Language Spanish [email protected]
Mary Quinlan Manager of Data, District [email protected]
Rosemary Rapoza Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]s.org
Emily Reid Teacher, General Science, Middle School [email protected]
Dorothy Relyea Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Andrea Renzi Teacher, Special Education, Elementary [email protected]
Haley Richardson Building Substitute, Elementary [email protected]
Stephanie Rizzo Paraprofessional, Special Education [email protected]
Meghan Roberts Teacher, English, High School  [email protected]
Amanda Rooney Teacher, Special Education, Elementary [email protected]
Jane Rotondi Teacher, Instructional Technology [email protected]
Rachel Sabourin Paraprofessional, Special Education [email protected]
Katherine Saliba Teacher, Special Education, Elementary [email protected]
Dirceu Santos Teacher, Physics, High School  [email protected]
Fernando Santos Teacher, Social Studies, Middle School [email protected]
Vanessa Sclafani School Psychologist, District [email protected]
Cheryl Sclar Teacher, Visual Arts, Middle School [email protected]
Beverly Simas Teacher, Reading Intensive, Elementary [email protected]
Judith Skinner Occupational Therapist, District [email protected]
Maxine Smith Speech-Language Pathologist
Nicole Smith Teacher, General Education, Kindergarten [email protected]
Wendy Smith Teacher, General Education, Kindergarten [email protected]
Heidi Solivan Teacher, General Education, Kindergarten [email protected]
Jamie St. Peter Teacher, Special Education, Middle School [email protected]
Lauren Staruski Assistant, Food Services [email protected]
Deborah Stone Teacher, Reading Intensive, Elementary [email protected]
Elizabeth Strojny School Nurse, Middle School 5-8 [email protected]
Michelle Struba Manager, Human Resources, District [email protected]
Laura Sullivan Food Services Assistant [email protected]
Theresa Sullivan Food Services Assistant [email protected]
Jack Sweeney Facilities Grounds Coordinator [email protected]
Patricia Swiatek Paraprofessional, Kindergarten [email protected]
Jeffrey Teixeira Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
William Thompson Manager, Grants, District [email protected]
Molly Tilton Teacher, General Education, Kindergarten [email protected]
Julie Towne Teacher, General Education, Kindergarten [email protected]
Paul Trost Teacher, Physical Education, Elementary [email protected]
Allison True Teacher, General Education, Elementary [email protected]
Amy Tundel Paraprofessional, Special Education [email protected]
Veronica Valenzuela Teacher, Foreign Language Spanish [email protected]
Shannon Vitek Teacher, Social Studies, Middle School [email protected]
Lindsey Vokes Speech and Language, District [email protected]
Deirdre West-Smith Assistant Director, Special Education [email protected]
Margaret Wile Teacher, General Science, Middle School [email protected]