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All Charter Schools in Massachusetts serve students with disabilities.  Charter schools must accept all students who apply, and whose names are selected through a lottery.  They may not discriminate in admissions against students on the basis of disability, special need or prior academic achievement.


The Individuals with Disablities Education Act-2004 (IDEA), is a federal special education law, that requires that states and public schools provide students with disabilities a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) and access to the general education curriculum commensurate with their non-disabled peers, and that the educational placement of students with disabilities be in the least restrictive educational placement which still meets the unique needs of the student.


Foxborough Regional Charter School supports students through a variety of services including:


  • Guidance
  • Adjustment Counseling
  • Social Work
  • Health Services
  • Special Education
  • ELL
  • 504 Accommodations

Department News


Family Participation in the IEP Process


Dear Parents/Guardians,


The IEP Improvement Project is an initiative of the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to involve multiple voices in the improvement of special education services for all students. The project goal is to develop best practices that will improve outcomes for all students with disabilities.


This is all about systems change – and we need your voice!  Your school district is part of the Early Adopters pilot project and we need parent and community participation on your district’s team(s).


Here are some of the many ways a family member might contribute to the project team. 

  • Help the team understand how best to reach all families.  
  • Provide guidance in considering cultural and community perspectives of families, family needs, or community resources. 
  • Contribute ideas on how to ensure all family and community members feel welcome and engaged.  And lots more!


Please join the Federation for Children with Special Needs, a partner leading the project and an organization with expertise in family engagement, for a discussion about parent involvement in this project on Wednesday, April 14th from 7-8PM. The link for the Zoom meeting is: 


Questions? – please contact Leslie Leslie at