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FRCS Fall Reopening

Update 3-11-21: The Massachusetts Education Commissioner has directed all Elementary and Middle Schools to expand in-person learning to five days a week beginning next month. Foxborough Regional Charter School and all public schools in Massachusetts will be required to offer a full-time, in-person learning program.
The start dates are as follows:
April  5, 2021: Kindergarten through Grade 5
April 28, 2021: Grades 6-8
High School Update: Information from the DESE regarding a start date for full-time, in-person learning for students in Grades 9-12 has not yet been released. Districts will be given two weeks-notice. Until that time, High School students who have chosen in-person learning will continue on their hybrid schedule.

Under the new guidelines, students will either choose to (1) Attend school in-person full time, 5 days a week, or (2) to continue to learn remotely.
There will no longer be a hybrid learning option.
Beginning on April 7, 2021, all students in grades 6-12 will remain remote on Wednesdays until their grade transitions to full in person learning.  During this time, students will follow their Wednesday schedule online and participate in live instruction throughout the day.
Visit our FRCS Fall Reopening page to find our Back 2 School plan, additional return to school information, and COVID-19 links and resources for FRCS families.
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  • Curriculum for Career Readiness We offer an enriching and challenging program of studies for all students in grades K-12 that offers a wide range of learning experiences in every content area.
  • Service Leadership We present students with projects and issues requiring critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and real-life applications of their academic studies through our Student Life and Community Service Learning programs.
  • Diversity and Culture FRCS embraces its role in establishing a long-term mission and vision for equity and inclusion. We value differences and actively engage our diversity to prepare students for success in a global society.
  • 1,700 Enrollment
  • 98%+ College Admission Rate
  • 75%+ Students take AP classes
  • 100% Students begin learning the Spanish Language in Kindergarten
  • 90% Students earn national recognition by outperforming on the NSE (National Spanish Exam)
  • 41+ Students have participated in our sister school exchange programs with Handan City, China, and Valencia, Spain
  • 8+ Opportunities for study abroad/community service including: Handan City, China, Valencia, Spain, Costa Rica, Bilbao Spain, Panama, Ghana, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.