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Volunteer Opportunities

Get Involved! There are many opportunities for our FRCS families to volunteer and get involved. Studies have shown that Family Engagement is a key indicator of student academic success!  Our goal is to partner with families and provide them with as many engagement opportunities as possible. 
Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Position






Partners in Education (PIE)

To develop and promote strong engagement in the community

K-12 parents

Lend programmatic and financial support to the school


Social events

Community service


Recruit volunteers

Spread the word about FRCS


Promotes spirit and builds school pride among families!

Room Parent

Create a sense of community in the classroom and support the teacher


Connect families in each classroom to each other and the teacher

Birthday celebrations

Teacher appreciation activities

End of year gift

Classroom directory

Assist teacher with communication and/or projects as requested

Builds relationships among parents and teacher in each classroom to personalize the FRCS experience

Parent Ambassador

To welcome families into our school and build a connection within each community

Sending District Community (Towns)

Connect New Families to the school (summer transition) and community families to each other (year round)

Send post card

Reach out through email and phone

Host an event in the community

Send parent tips

Be available for questions

Helps new families feel welcome and included. Builds a sense of belonging and community in their new school and connects them to current families. Strengthens relationships among current families.

Cultural Ambassador

To welcome families into the school and support and assist them to navigate our American school

Specific Individual Cultural Groups

Welcome new families, assist with language challenges or cultural priorities and interests

Call new families

Language support at public events

Co-lead meetings in the community

Will build trust,  raise comfort levels and ensure inclusion in the FRCS community

Family Drop in Center

To provide a space for parents to gather, connect and volunteer inside the school building while they immediately following drop off or preceding pick up

All Parents

Create opportunities for face to face interactions to build a sense of community and belonging

Cut out falcon tickets

Cut out stars for elementary school

Cut hall passes and bundle for classrooms


Parents will feel welcome and valued and like a contributing member of our community.

Reading Buddies

To get kids excited about reading

Elementary parents

Celebrate Reading and instill a love of learning

Read a story to a classroom during morning meeting

Kids will see adults value reading and it is important

Lunch Buddies

To assist students and staff in the cafeteria during lunch period for grades K & 1.

Elementary parents

Support teachers and ensure that kids are able to eat their lunch in a timely manner

Help! Open straws, snacks, be visible, interact!

Strengthen relationships among students, parents and staff members

Library Volunteer

To assist students and the School Librarian during Library Visits

Elementary parents

Celebrate reading and instill the love of books, support the FRCS library.

Help students in the class find books using the computer, put books away, read a story.

Kids will see adults value reading and the importance of great organizational skills.


To provide volunteer opportunities for male role models in order to support academic achievement

K-4 male role models

Show that dads value education and kids too!

Volunteer for one day in the classroom and throughout the school

Dads better understand the day to day of the school experience and students see that dads respect and value teachers and education

You must have a CORI on file with the school to participate in these programs.