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Curriculum at Foxborough Regional Charter School is documented on curriculum maps by grade and content area. The curriculum is aligned to the Massachusetts state frameworks and is updated and revised annually to ensure adherence to state as well as national standards. Each subject curriculum is vertically aligned to provide students with a well developed and increasingly rigorous academic experience as they progress through grade levels. Our curriculum is developed with a K-12 experience in mind; laying foundation skills in our elementary grades to allow students to take advantage of our exceptional application courses during their high school career at FRCS.

The FRCS curriculum is developed with a K-12 experience in mind and the vertical curriculum mapping reflects this thought process. In addition to high academic expectations, leadership and community service learning are intertwined themes throughout our K-12 curriculum.

FRCS Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Honors Diploma Program

As the US and global economies continue to grow, there is a clear demand for science and mathematics skills in the 21st century workforce. The need for science, mathematics, technology and engineering majors is also evident at many of the top universities and colleges worldwide. To help FRCS graduates succeed in the majors and careers of the next decade, we are excited to introduce you to our four year program STEM Honors Diploma Program. This program is designed to provide our top high school graduates with high demand skills and experiences to prepare them for STEM related majors and careers!