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Views, Voices & Suggested Reading

Welcome to the FRCS Holocaust Stamps Project


Collages Created Using 1000’s of our collected Postage Stamps

Click on the link below each collage to read the story behind each colorful creation.
Kristallnacht -The Night of Broken Glass
Lizkor - To Remember and to Never Forget
The Metamorphosis of the Pink Triangle
Eva Paddock, Holocaust Survivor
Symbols of Peace
The Forest That Saved Lives
Love Thy Neighbor
With Liberty and Peace for All
Eleven Million Reasons to Never Forget
Immortal Butterfly
The Kindertransport
Books Cannot Be Killed by Fire
Music is a Dream
One World Community - Celebrating Our Diversity
I Am the Last Witness
White Rose
The White Rose Resistance
Peace Must Be Dared

Peace Must Be Dared
Sacred Ground
Sacred Ground
L’Chaim~To Life!
We Get Letters From
The Holocaust Stamps Project Suggests Books to Deepen Your Understanding; stories that reveal how the Holocaust changed people’s lives. picHundreds of true accounts, memoirs, and based-on-facts fictional stories have been written about what happened to people living in Europe from 1938-1945, while Germany’s Adolf Hitler was in power. Listed here are just a few excellent titles, for children and adults, that “speak of history and to the human heart” (Lois Lowry). Download the recommended reading list here.
In the Students’ Own Words
Students tell ‘In their Own Words’ what they’ve learned working on The Holocaust Stamps Project. Check out these You Tube videos. These students are inspiring. Their words are touching and heartfelt:
Part 1
Part 2
December 2013
High school students work on “The Forest that Saved Lives” collage.
May 2012
Fifth grade artists completed the fourth stamps collage in the Holocaust Stamps Project series, ‘Love thy Neighbor’, in late May 2012.
February 2012

Nina and Alex Demirs counted 14,700 stamps together!
November 2011
CSL’s first finished stamps collage, “With Liberty and Peace for All”
Student members of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) worked for months completing their collage to honor the memories of those who were persecuted because of their homosexual lifestyles during the Holocaust.