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Family Empowerment Alliance (FEA)

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Family Empowerment Alliance (FEA) is a vibrant and dynamic family council dedicated to fostering stronger connections between parents/guardians, teachers, and the FRCS school administration. As a member of FEA, you'll have the opportunity to:


  1. Engage: Connect with fellow parents who share your passion for education and the well-being of our students. Building a supportive network within our school community can be incredibly rewarding.
  1. Contribute: Make a positive impact on our school's programs and initiatives. Your input and ideas are invaluable as we work together to enhance the educational experience at FRCS.
  1. Collaborate: Join forces with educators and administrators to create innovative solutions, plan exciting events, and address important issues that affect our school community.
  1. Learn: Gain insights into our school's curriculum, policies, and activities. FEA provides a platform for open communication, allowing you to stay informed and engaged.



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