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Thank you for your interest in Foxborough Regional Charter School! 
Click on the videos and attachments below to learn more about what FRCS has to offer its families, and what makes our community a great place to learn and grow! 
Please check back often, as this is a growing list of resources about our community! Have additional questions? Please contact [email protected] for more information.  
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is a Charter School?
A: Authorized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Education Reform Act of 1993, charter schools are independent public schools that operate under five year charters granted by the Commonwealth’s Board of Education. Charter schools are usually proposed by teachers, school leaders, parents, non-profit organizations, or other members of the community.
Q: How much does it cost to attend Foxborough Regional Charter School?
A: Charter schools are tuition free schools of choice. They are funded by tuition charges assessed against the school districts where the students reside. The state provides partial reimbursement to the sending districts for the tuition costs incurred.
Q: Does FRCS support students who have an IEP or 504?
A: All Charter Schools in Massachusetts serve students with disabilities. Charter schools must accept all students who apply, and whose names are selected through a lottery.  They may not discriminate in admissions against students on the basis of disability, special need or prior academic achievement. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act-2004 (IDEA), is a federal special education law, that requires that states and public schools provide students with disabilities a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) and access to the general education curriculum commensurate with their non-disabled peers, and that the educational placement of students with disabilities be in the least restrictive educational placement which still meets the unique needs of the student.


Foxborough Regional Charter School supports students through a variety of services including:

  • Guidance
  • Adjustment Counseling
  • Social Work
  • Health Services
  • Special Education
  • MLL
  • 504 Accommodations
Visit our Student Services page on our website to learn more about our programs.
Q: Do you require a Dress Code
A: Yes. Students (K-12) are required to present in a professional manner and in our school colors at all times. Our goal has been and is to maintain a professional, appropriate, and consistent appearance, free from distractions to better support the learning environment. Learn more about our Dress Code and where you can purchase FRCS items.
Q: What language is taught at FRCS?
A: Our K-12 World Language program is focused on graduating bilingual students, opening doors for international and cultural exchange, and providing global learning and leadership opportunities.
  • Students begin Spanish immersion classes in Kindergarten. (Students may elect to learn a secondary language in later grades)
  • FRCS has formed international sister school programs in Spain and China. 
  • FRCS is one of the most successful schools in the nation on the National Spanish Exam (NSE). 90% of FRCS students earn national recognition. Students score on average in the 90 percent tile in the United States. 
  • FRCS is home to the annual semi-finals of the National Spanish Spelling Bee.
Q: What towns does Foxborough Regional Charter School service?

A: The school currently enrolls almost 1,700 students from 20 neighboring communities that make up our district including Attleboro, Avon, Brockton, Canton, Easton, Foxborough, Mansfield, Medfield, Medway, Millis, Norfolk, North Attleboro, Norton, Norwood, Plainville, Sharon, Stoughton, Walpole, West Bridgewater, and Wrentham.


Q:Who can enroll?

A: Enrollment is open to children of the Commonwealth with priority given to the children that reside in the twenty (20) cities and towns that comprise the Foxborough Regional Charter School. Proof of residency shall include any one of the following: a valid Massachusetts driver’s license or a Massachusetts voter registration card and a current Massachusetts utility bill or Massachusetts rent receipt.  All applications must have a valid Massachusetts address listed as their permanent residence, and to which all communication will be mailed to be eligible for the lottery. 

Elementary School Frequently Asked Questions
Please click on the attachments below to learn more and find some frequently asked questions about each grade level at our Elementary School.
Regional Transportation at FRCS
Foxborough Regional Charter School is pleased to offer a fee-based Regional Transportation program. Meet Mrs. Jean Lewis, Transportation Coordinator, and learn more about our program. Find more information on the Transportation page on our website. 
Student Life at FRCS
Student life at FRCS is vital to the overall growth and development of our students. Our students come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, building a unique and diverse community that really is hard to find anywhere else!
We engage in service learning & leadership projects through all grades that extend into our communities. Programs like our Peet Mentoring program give students the chance to explore their passions and curiosities while developing skills to be successful beyond the classroom. Additionally, FRCS provides a growing number of extracurricular opportunities for students to be involved. We have academic teams, arts and music, and athletics. Meet Mr. Shawn Gudmundson, the Dean of Student Life at FRCS. Hear what he feels makes Student Life so special at our school! 
Family Engagement at FRCS
Family Engagement at FRCS is defined as collaboration between families and schools that drives student achievement. The goals of this collaboration are to help families guide, support, and advocate for their children’s learning; to encourage families and educators to foster high expectations for children; and to enable families and schools to share decision-making and leadership to improve school quality.
Some of our most popular volunteer programs include: 
  • Cultural Ambassador Program
  • Reading Buddies
  • Lunch Buddies
  • Kindergarten Buddies
Cultural Ambassadors watch dogs reading buddies
Learn more about our Family Engagement opportunities, here
Our State of the Art Playground
In the Fall of 2019 - with the help of KABOOM! and the New England Patriots, we built a brand new, state of the art playground for our FRCS students to enjoy for years to come! It is located just outside our Elementary School doors.
playground K playground1 playground
playground playground build playground