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Bus Routes - 2021-2022 School Year
Please note that all bus routes are subject to change. In accordance with COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, all students must wear a mask at all times while riding the school bus.

***At this time all regional buses are considered FULL. Moving forward - families who have submit an online application and completed the application process by providing the required deposit and non-refundable application fee have been or will be placed on an existing waitlist for a bus in their preferred location. If at any time prior to ridership a family wishes to withdraw their bus application they will receive monies paid to-date less the $25 non-refundable application fee. 


Families who are interested in applying for transportation should contact Mrs. Jean Lewis, Regional Transportation Coordinator.

Bus Conduct and Discipline Guidelines

We are pleased to offer school bus privileges for the upcoming school year. A school bus is an extension of school itself and the same code of conduct with appropriate consequences will apply for bus misbehavior as they do in school. School bus safety is a primary concern of F.R.C.S. and F.R.C.S. reserves the right to take whatever action is necessary to maintain a high level of safety. The right of a pupil to school bus transportation is a qualified right, dependent on appropriate behavior. In cases where a pupil seriously or continuously violates the code of conduct, parents will be notified by the School and the bus pass will be revoked if, in the opinion of the School, such action is necessary for the general safety and wellbeing of other students.
Please click on the attachment below to read the Bus Conduct Guidelines.
Please be sure to inform the school if your child has any change in plans for dismissal. All bus students are presumed to be taking the bus each afternoon. A substantial fee will be assessed should a student need to be returned to the school if a parent or guardian is not on-time at the bus stop to greet their child in the afternoon.
A Note From Home is required if child(ren) is not taking the bus. It is the responsibility of the family to inform the school of any change in dismissal. Bus students are presumed to be taking the bus each afternoon unless otherwise directed. Such changes must be submitted daily – blanket notes covering long term changes to dismissal will NOT be recognized. 
Return Trip Information
Students in Kindergarten, Grade 1 & 2 will NOT be left at a bus stop unattended. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to meet the bus on time to pick up your children. If you are unable to meet the bus on time to pick up your children please make the necessary arrangements to have someone pick them up in your place so they are safe and supervised at all times. 
Please click on the link below to read our policy on Return Trips.

2021-2022 Regional Bus Transportation Fee Schedule by Family Size




1 Student Rider Family

2 Student Rider Family

3 Student Rider Family

4+Student Rider Family

Deposit Due with Application *

Includes $25 app fee









Due July 23, 2021





Due September 10, 2021





Due November 5, 2021











Financial Assistance
Financial assistance may be available to families for FRCS fee based programs such as our Regional Transportation program. Please click on the attachment below and complete the application and return it to the FRCS business office. The application must be completed annually for consideration.
Foxboro Residents: Please notify the Town of Foxboro that your child will be attending FRCS and require transportation services. You can call the Town’s Transportation Department at 508-543-1600.