May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

As we continue to educate our community about mental health and well-being, we need to take an empowered approach to building awareness. There are so many tough topics connected to mental health, and in BIPOC communities, we have not gotten there. Instead, we’ve shied away from tackling these topics because they feel overwhelming and taboo. Many of us use words or language to describe what we are going through. FRCS aims to change the narrative about mental health. We want to begin talking and continue talking about Mental Health.
This month, we will dedicate ourselves to providing you with Mental Health resources and awareness of Mental Health. Too often, there is a lack of understanding, information, and sometimes even empathy for people in crisis or on a journey to recovery. For us, recovery, and prevention signal hope. Talking about these topics can make people feel seen and less alone and offer insight and information for those unfamiliar with the struggle. Most of all, it allows us to empathize with people in our community who need support.

Let’s make conversations about mental health engaging, informative, and fun!

Throughout this month, we will share resources and information on mental health to bring awareness and support to our FRCS community.
Gerelyn Baez, LCSW
District Mental Health & Behavioral Coordinator