Middle and High School Students Present Projects at This Year's Science Fairs

Some incredible projects were on display Tuesday, January 23rd  at the Foxborough Regional Charter School annual Middle and High School Science Fair! 

Students have worked hard researching, forming questions, exploring their findings and analyzing data.Through their presentations, interviews, and hard work they have shown the ability to do independent work and put their minds and determination towards a goal. 

Thank you the Science Fair organizers, Ms. Sue Kraus and Mr. David DiPaolo for engaging our young scientists again this year! And, thanks to the FRCS teachers, staff, & administrators, parents & guardians, and friends of FRCS who volunteered to judge this year's science fairs. We are truly grateful for your continued support!
Middle School Results:
First Place: Dhatri Daggubati Reviving Hope for ESRD - Early Detection of Kidney Disease
Second Place: Akshaya Panamakuri - Why Are Evergreen Leaves Green?
Third Place: Sanjana Karlmarx - Seed Growth
Excellent: Yatin Gannamani - Solar Energy
Honorable Mention: Mickenskey Mitial - Does the type of water affect the growth and size
High School Results: (All listed projects are eligible to advance to the Regional Fair held on March 2.)
First Place: Camilla Royal, Natures Guide to Organ Preservation: How the study of hibernating animals can lead to new techniques of organ preservation
Second Place: Kritisha Agrawal - Revolutionizing Pain Relief: Sustainable and Controlled Delivery of Aspirin Using Biodegradable Microbeads for Enhanced Efficacy and Environmental Impact
Third Place: Mukilan Dayasankar, Gabriel Neves, Jay Bhatia, FeatherAI 2.0
Fourth Place: David Letelier, Can You Train People to Breathe Better?
Fifth Place: Elizabeth Semenova, Swara Igoor, Riya Varghese - Does Fit Body = Fit Mind?
Honorable Mention: Aurelie Laroche - Is What You See Truly What You Get?: An Understanding of Subliminal Persuasion Hidden Within the Presence of External Stimuli
Honorable Mention: Yashaswi Panamakuri - Does Temperature Affect Internet Speed?
Honorable Mention: Jahzara Ogagan, Aariya Mathur - Exploring Phytoremediation in Agriculture [Green Cleaning Machines]
Honorable Mention: Nevaeh Wangari, Claire Martin Neill - How Fabric Dyes Affect Different Types of Fabrics
Honorable Mention: Jacklyn Omere-Okundaye - Modeling Chemotherapy-Induced Stress: Investigating the Role of Vitamin C in Alleviating Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Oxidative Stress on Yeast Cells (Additionally, Jacklyn and her Project are Finalist to the Nationial STEM Challenge. National competition she is one 278 other finalist Nationwide!)