Congratulations to Our Falcon Trophy Winners for the Month of December!

Congratulations to our December winners of the Falcon Trophy!
As part of our positive behavioral intervention and support initiative at the Elementary School, we have our Falcon Pride whole class positive reinforcement. Classes are awarded Falcon Tickets by FRCS staff members when following school expectations in the designated areas including on the playground, in the cafeteria, bathroom, and hallway. Each class collects their Falcon Tickets on a special ten-frame in their classroom. At the end of the month tickets are collected and counted. The class from each grade level with the most tickets is awarded the Falcon Pride Trophy for that month in a special celebration!
Way to go!
Kindergarten - Ms. Smith's Class
Grade 1 - Ms. Mahoney's Class
Grade 2- Ms. Littlefield's Class
Grade 3 - Ms. Bartucca's Class
Grade 4 - Ms. Sanford's Class