A Message for High School Families from Mr. Cournoyer

Dear High School Families,
My name is Mike Cournoyer and I have the pleasure and privilege of starting my fifth year as the principal of FRCS high school. Planning is well underway for a successful, gratifying and fun school year. Our students will be in good hands as we begin the new school year. Learning at high levels is a universal expectation at FRCS, which is emphasized in this year’s theme: Academics Above All. Students will get their schedules on the first day of school and there will be a two week add/drop period during which their counselors can assist them with any scheduling concerns.
In the spirit of that theme, FRCS high school will be returning to our pre-covid policy of eliminating the distraction of phones during class time. Students will be placing their phones in caddies placed in every classroom for that purpose. Class time is for learning, not texting, browsing or social media. If your student does not have a phone they bring to school, you will be asked to notify us. Students who violate this policy risk having their phones confiscated for you to pick up here at school. Please consider having a conversation with your children about this before the school year begins.
A new and exciting position that was added for this year will add energy to the process of comprehensive post secondary planning for every student. Our College and Career Counselor will begin work in late August and will work closely with students and families to ensure that every student who walks across the graduation stage will know exactly what they will be doing next. Students will benefit from extensive college and career exploration and planning throughout their four high school years.
The first day of school for 9th grade is Tuesday, September 5, 2023. All high school students report to school on Wednesday, September 6th. A group of upperclassmen student leaders will be planning orientation day for all 9th graders to be held on September 5th. New students will have the high school building to themselves. Teachers and upperclassmen will lead them through some team building activities, they will have an opportunity to meet their teachers, set up their lockers, and otherwise acclimate to life as high school students. They will also receive their ChromeBooks at the beginning of the day.
If you are looking for the High School school supply list, it can be found on the FRCS website. Please know that required materials in the high school are class/teacher specific. This information will be distributed at the start of school by the individual teacher depending upon what class is taken. All students should still have an ample supply of general materials.
Enjoy the final few weeks of summer vacation! 
Mike Cournoyer
High School Principal