A Message for Kindergarten Families from Ms. Ouimet

Hello to all of our incoming Kindergarten Families!

My name is Nicole Ouimet and I am the Elementary School Principal here at Foxborough Regional Charter School. I am counting down the days to September 5th and the start of the 2024-2025 school year. I wanted to send out a quick memo to share what you can expect on your child’s first day of Kindergarten. I know having a child going to Kindergarten can bring mixed emotions of joy, pride, excitement, plus some anxiety and worry. My hope is that previewing the procedure for the morning and afternoon, you’ll feel more at ease with the transition. I am going to break up the information into categories based on whether you will be dropping your child off at school or whether your child is taking the bus to school.

Parent Drop-Off:
Parent drop-off for Kindergarten families will begin at 7:30 on September 5th. After Day 1, drop off starts at 7:15 and goes until 7:35. For Day 1, park in one of the 2 side parking lots and walk your child to the front door. Once your child is at the front door, a staff member will get their name and give them a name tag with their name and classroom on it. You will then be able to go into the building with your child where a staff member will point you in the direction of the classroom. Once in the classroom, you can help your child put away their belongings and then say goodbye. A staff member will then bring your child to the cafeteria (if they need breakfast) or to the gym where the morning routine will happen on a daily basis.

Bus Riders:
The buses typically start arriving at school around 7:15. A teacher will be waiting for the bus's arrival and will support our new Kindergarten students as they get off the bus. Once they get off the bus, they will walk towards the side entrance where a staff member will get their name and give them a name tag with their name and classroom on it. Once your child is in the building, they will be escorted to either the cafeteria (where they can choose to eat breakfast) or the gym (where they will be sitting according to class). Once we have the majority of students in the gym, the teachers will escort them to their classrooms where they are sure to have a fantastic day.

Parent Pick-Up:
Parent pick-up begins at 2:45 and ends at 2:55 (there is no supervision for children after 3pm unless you have signed them up for the YMCA after school program). This happens in front of the school building from the front door and all the way to the Playground. Your child’s teacher will be holding a sign with their name on it and a class mascot. You will park your car and walk to the class where your child is located. The only people allowed to pick up your student are those listed on your enrollment form. If another person tries to pick up your child without notification from the guardians to the school, we will not be able to allow them to leave.

Additional Information:
  • The teachers will be sending home 4 additional name tags in your child’s backpack that first day. Please put a name tag on your child every day for the first week of school.
  • Students are expected to be in uniform. If you need support with ensuring your child has a uniform for the first day of school, please contact the main office.
  • Your student will be offered a school breakfast and a school lunch. It is your choice if your child will have these options or bring an option from home. We ask that if they will be eating breakfast from home, that they do so before arriving at school. The cafeteria will only be available for students eating a school breakfast.
  • School supply lists are available on the FRCS website
  • We will be sending out class list assignments to families the week of August 21st.
We are so excited to welcome your child into our school community. FRCS is a very special place and the addition of our new Kindergarten students will add to the magic. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the main office or email me directly. Looking forward to meeting you and your child soon.

In Service,

Nicole Ouimet, Principal
[email protected]