FRCS Stakeholders Identify Our School Community's Shared Values

Over the past several months, stakeholder groups representing Foxborough Regional Charter School have participated in the "Shared Values Exercise. Led by Dr. Eddie Ingram, this exercise was part of a district-wide initiative to ground our sense of purpose as a school district and organization.
How the Exercise Worked:
Each stakeholder group broke into pairs or trios and narrowed down a list from 50 “value word cards” to their top 15 priorities. The groups then joined other teams and compared/contrasted and created a list of 10 shared values everyone agreed upon and finally, the whole group came together to further pare down the list to 8 words that we will refer to as shared values. Once all of the groups completed their lists - the lists were compared and we were able to come up with our Shared Values as a FRCS Community.

WE ARE FRCS and we each commit to living by the following Shared Values:

  • Transparent Communication
  • Honesty/Integrity
  • Respect
  • Diversity/Equity
  • Teamwork
  • Growth
Note that values mentioned on stakeholder group lists with lesser frequency will be used to form Concept Statements when practicable. These values include Trust, Open mindedness, Empathy, Innovation/Curiosity, Discipline, Accountability and Health/Security. 
Next, a team of representatives from each of the stakeholder groups will come together to (1) develop a Concept Statement for each Shared Value to define the intent and (2) brainstorm concrete ideas of ways to live into these values on a daily basis.