The 2023-2024 High School Course Catalog is Now Available

Greetings FRCS Community,
We are pleased to present this catalog of course offerings for next school year. This document represents the school’s commitment to robust academic offerings and to the continued growth of every student. Great care has been taken to ensure that every learner has not only the compulsory academic offerings, but a variety of interesting, relevant and rigorous classes. New to our catalog this year is a number of semester electives that will allow for students to explore more topics of interest to study during their high school years.
Central to the process of developing classes is our talented, dedicated and caring faculty. Our teachers are responsible to a large degree for tailoring the academic program. They have done so guided by the demands students will experience after high school, what is relevant in each subject area, and, perhaps most importantly, the interests of our student body. Many of the classes you will learn about herein have been developed from the ground up by our teachers. This is not to be taken for granted and is one of the many things that makes our school so special. If you see something interesting and unique within these pages, chances are you can attribute it to one of our teachers. 
The purpose of this course catalog is to help students and their families make informed choices about the academic experiences that will foster individual growth and prepare students for college and beyond. One simple and effective way to approach the course selection process is to identify and choose which courses are required, then explore options that will make learning interesting. There is plenty of information about which classes every student must take to progress smoothly toward graduation; School Counselors are here to help if there are any questions. Every student should choose multiple elective courses to ensure they are not placed in classes that they have not chosen.
The course selection process is an exciting time of the year for students, families and faculty. As you begin planning together, please feel free to contact your School Counselors, teachers or Department Leader with any questions about courses, course progression or curriculum. 
Best regards, 
Mike Cournoyer 
High School Principal