100th Day of School CHALLENGE: Elementary School Launches Food/Hygiene Drive!

FRCS Elementary School is celebrating the 100th day of school with a challenge! Each grade level is challenged to collect at least 100 (or more) food and/or hygiene items to donate to local food pantries. Any size items welcome! Students can bring the items into their classroom.
Kindergarten: Toothpaste and Jell-O
1st Grade: Toilet Paper and Cereal
2nd Grade: Paper Towels and Tea
3rd Grade: Shampoo and Hot Chocolate
4th Grade: Conditioner and Soup
Donations will be collected for a week beginning on the 100th Day of school!
Thursday February 9, 2023 - Friday February 17, 2023
The class in each grade with the most donations will get to participate in pie in the face with an elementary school teacher!