Congratulations to Our Science Fair Winners!

The Middle School Science and Engineering Fair took place Tuesday, January 24th.  This year’s Fair was the first time in three years  the students, judges, and the FRCS Community could gather together in the café for this incredible showcase of science. Students worked hard, put in a lot of effort to participate, and demonstrated some extraordinary work!

Middle School Results:

3rd Place -with The Portable Fan For Modern Times, Vansh Mookim

2nd Place- with Let There Be Light, Ishika Kumar

1st Place- with The Secret life of Worms Under the Grass, Dhatri Daggubati and Sanjana Karlmarx

All three of these young scientists have advanced to the regional fair.

Dhatri Daggubati and Sanjana Karlmarx

Dhatri Daggubati and Sanjana Karlmarx, 1st place


High School Results:

3rd Place - with Death Rays v. Bacteria, Kritisha Agrawal 

2nd Place - with The Danger of a Solution, the creation of a bladder wrack based plastic, Camilla Royal 

1st Place - with The correlation of race and blood pressure in distinct encounters, Bethsaida Accino 

These three outstanding students along with Danielle Shaul,Indeera Chehab, Aurelie Laroche, Isiaih Greenstein, Keean Cover, Jacklyn Omere-Okundaye, Kaylah Tuon, Mahalya Chehab, Maria Mourad, Naser Abdelhadi, Yanni Ofilos, Jahzara Ogagan, Yashaswi Panamakuri, Katie Johnson, and Gabriella Serena have advanced to the regional fair.

Kritisha Agrawal

Kritisha Agrawal, 3rd place

Congratulations to all!