An Important Message for the FRCS Community from the Board of Trustees

Dear FRCS Community,
The Foxborough Regional Charter School Board of Trustees is working diligently to support the community that we serve. This is especially true when it comes to FRCS students and teachers. The last few years have been challenging: COVID related school closures, multiple leadership changes and the unrelenting pressure we all feel. Bringing stability, communication and alignment to our community is among the most important goals of the Board of Trustees. We heard from stakeholders that the school needs more support to ensure there is space to focus on staff and students’ needs.
The Board voted to hire Dr. Eddie Ingram to serve as our Interim Executive Director through the rest of this school year. Dr. Ingram brings over forty years of experience in education, with twelve years of experience as a superintendent in districts both large and small. He has a consistent track record of improving school performance both as a principal and superintendent. Dr. Ingram has developed consensus around skills students need to be successful in the 21st century. These skills include collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. He will add to our capacity, allowing us to work in a more efficient manner and strive for higher outcomes in school district. In this role, Dr. Ingram will focus on a successful transition to our permanent Executive Director.
Heidi Berkowitz will continue to play an integral leadership role in our District. Her responsibilities have been adjusted and she will serve in the capacity of Deputy Executive Director going forward. The Board is confident Heidi will continue to drive improvements and innovative initiatives within FRCS, teaming up with Dr. Ingram to complement his skills and experience as he joins our District Administration. We appreciate Heidi's commitment and dedication as she welcomes Dr. Ingram's guidance through this next phase. While we feel it is essential to bring additional experience to FRCS at this time, we place tremendous value on our existing leadership team, staff, students, and families.
We know that all of you have deep investments in the success of FRCS, as do we. The Board of Trustees respects that not everyone may agree with this decision. This is a time which required a bold decision; we ask for your support moving forward.
We are setting the stage to bring in a permanent Executive Director to start in July 2023. This process is already underway. Our external recruiting firm, Ray & Associates, specializes in finding leadership for schools and school systems. As we move to the next stage of the selection process, we will be seeking stakeholders to join in the process.
We will continue to communicate about our steps and progress over the coming months. We look forward to engaging with you.
Board of Trustees:
Kathleen Crawford, Board Chair
Sergio Martin, Vice Chair
Matthew Yezukevich, Treasurer
Susanna Girard, Secretary
Badawi Dweik, Trustee
Ramona Royal, Trustee
Todd Tetreault, Trustee
Anissia Vixamar, Trustee