FRCS COVID-19 Weekly Case Report

Beginning this week, COVID-19 cases in the Foxborough Regional Charter School community will be posted on our website and reported weekly in our Sunday newsletter, rather than by daily email. Please note that we are required to report cases to the state on Wednesdays so these numbers may differ from what you read elsewhere.

COVID Case Counts at Foxborough Regional Charter School (Monday, October 18th - Friday, October 22nd)

HS: 1 positive cases
MS: 0 positive case
ES: 1 positive cases
Staff: 1 positive case

There is no in-school transmission at this time.

Please know that as per our procedure, all close contacts were personally and immediately notified. If you did not receive a phone call from the school nurse, your child was not a close contact. 

IMPORTANT: Please do not send a sick child to school! If your child is experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, please contact your building nurse for next steps. Also, if you have a pending test result in your household, all siblings should remain home until those test results are cleared by the school nurse. Please refer to this flow chart for additional guidance.

covid flow chart

For families of students who ride the bus: Masks are required at ALL TIMES while on the bus. This is a federal requirement. Also, as the temperatures get cooler, please remember to have your child bring a coat, as windows on the buses may be open for additional air circulation.