Congratulations to the FRCS Class of 2021!

On Friday, June 11, 2021 61 students received their high school diplomas at Foxborough Regional Charter School’s 19th annual commencement.

Staff members transformed the Elementary School parking lot into the perfect stage to celebrate an outstanding senior class.

Ms. Annie Azarloza, Interim Executive Director of Foxborough Regional Charter School addressed the Class of 2021. Azarloza applauded the students for their strength, determination, and grit throughout what has been an unusual and challenging senior year. Like so many seniors in Massachusetts, the FRCS Class of 2021 spent the majority of their school year learning remotely due to COVID-19.

“You see because it’s not what happens to us but rather how we choose to respond, and we chose to persevere, together.” said Azarloza.

Katarina Souza, Valedictorian of the Class of 2021 has attended Foxborough Regional Charter School since Kindergarten. Souza spoke to her classmates and friends about traditions they’ve enjoyed together throughout the years. She reminded them to continue embracing progress and fighting for change. Souza said, members of her class have been adamantly vocal in topics of social justice in our school community.

“I think what defines our class even more prominently than tradition is change.” said Souza. “I believe that through our work as change-makers, we have paved the way for more classes to continue that fight for progress at FRCS, and we graduates will continue to fight as we enter the world, demanding progress and fairness wherever we go because that is what we know. Keep fighting.”

Daniel Currier, Salutatorian of the Class of 2021, has also attended Foxborough Regional Charter School Since Kindergarten. He spoke about the school’s vision and mission and emphasized the importance of service to others and leadership in our communities.

“The challenge for all of us, graduates, is to free ourselves from the lust for power and prestige and instead direct our attention to service and pragmatic leadership.” said Currier. “Be like the scientists who helped to develop the COVID-19 vaccines by making a difference outside of the confines of a rigid leadership position or title.”

Ms. Brittany Engle, High School English teacher, was chosen by students to speak during commencement. Engle talked about what she’s learned from her students, and encouraged them to continue to grow.

“Class of 2021, you are resilient, your voice matters, and your actions speak volumes - so continue to be purposeful, be reflective, be willing to grow.” said Engle.

As all our graduates embark on their next steps, we wish them a very happy, safe, and successful journey. Foxborough Regional Charter School graduates were accepted to and will be attending many outstanding institutions of higher education. Many students received significant merit-based scholarships as well as were invited into numerous Honors programs

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