Return to Full Time In-Person Learning Begins for Students in Grades 9-12 on Monday, May 10th.

Beginning on May 10th, the high school (Grades 9-12) will be combining Cohorts A & B and they will attend school in-person five days per week. Our remote students will continue to log in to classes five days per week. This is possible due to the amended guideline for physical distancing in schools while masked. The minimum distance is now three feet.
We will continue to follow all safety protocols including, one-way hallways, masking at all times other than while eating, maintaining six feet of distance while eating and frequent hand washing, among others. Teachers will continue to use seating charts to ensure the ability to do contact tracing. Safety and health will remain our top priority as we move toward normal.
This is an exciting step in our consistent progress toward normalcy!
Some important reminders: 
  • Students, staff and visitors who enter the building MUST complete the COVID survey form each morningFill out the screening tool HERE.
  • Lunch procedures will be adjusted to accommodate 6-foot distancing. This will require the schedule to include the use of a combination of spaces including the gym, cafeteria, classrooms and outside areas for lunch times.
  • Families with students in both ES and MS/HS should plan to pick up their MS/HS children FIRST, then drive down and pick up the ES children. MS/HS students should NOT walk down and wait for their siblings. Due to COVID restrictions, we are trying to limit the amount of people at dismissal.
  • Regional bus riders: Families: we ask for your patience. Buses may run late for afternoon drop-off for the first few weeks due to procedures we must follow for COVID precautions.
  • Traffic patterns have been designed to allow for traffic flow in the hallways. They are marked with social distance spots and directional arrows. Students must follow the traffic flow patterns established in order to ensure safe transitions.
  • Bathroom procedures will be in place to ensure that occupancy in the bathrooms is limited and no student spends an unnecessary amount of time outside of their classroom.
  • Cleaning will be enhanced each evening to replace the deep cleaning that has been taking place on Wednesdays, in between Cohort arrival.
Don't forget your Chrome Book! Chrome Books should brought to school every day. They should be plugged in and charged overnight. Students should not bring their charging cord to school as they may get damaged or lost.
We look forward to seeing you soon! 
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