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In-Person Learning Expectations
Elementary School
**Updated 3-35-21 Changes Highlighted in Yellow** 
Please note: This chart may be updated to include new information and expectations.
Important: Families are expected to monitor themselves and students at home.

Any signs of illness or exposure to COVID in the home please keep your student home and consult the nurse for further instructions. Please do not send a sick student to school! 


COVID Screening

·        Families are required to complete the COVID Screening Tool every morning prior to entering the building
·        This does not apply to those learning from home
·        This is a Department of Health requirement for contact tracing


 Drop Off/Arrival

·        Families dropping students off should use the designated drop off lanes
·        Only students should exit the vehicle, adults should remain in the vehicle
·        The doors will open for students at 7:25. Students should be dropped off between 7:25-7:45
·        Students will go directly to their classroom and may eat breakfast
·        Students will sanitize or wash hands prior to eating
·        The desk area will be sanitized prior to and after eating


Student desks

·        Students desks in classrooms will now be 3 feet apart while wearing masks
·        Students will be at least 6 feet apart when masks are off for eating or mask breaks


·        Two students allowed in the bathroom at any time
·        Sinks and stalls/urinals marked off for physical distancing
·        Each grade level has a designated bathroom
·        Students use hand sanitizer upon entering the classroom after using the restroom



·        Peanut/tree nut free snacks only per our Safe Snack List
·        Students may remove masks for snack time
·        They will sanitize or wash hands prior to eating
·        The desk area will be sanitized prior to and after eating
·        If your child requires an Epi pen, please reach out to our school nurse at 508-698-7361 before attending in-person instruction



·        Students will have recess with their class only
·        There are designated areas for each class
·        Students will use hand sanitizer when going out to recess and again before entering the building
·        Each class is provided a bag with recess equipment-each student may pick one item to use for the duration of recess
·        Equipment is wiped down after recess with the school provided disinfectant wipes



·        Lunch is in the classroom, therefore peanut/tree nut free foods only
·        Some classes may be eating in the cafeteria, gym, or other areas if space is an issue within the homeroom class in order to ensure 6 feet of distance while eating
·        Same mask and cleaning protocol as breakfast/snack time


Teaching and Learning

·        Teaching will be live streamed from your child’s classroom for remote students
·        Students learning from home will continue to log on at 8:00am each day
·        Remote students will receive a schedule for Wednesday now that we are live/ in person every day



·        Except for Physical Education, all specials will be live streamed daily for students at home
·        Students learning from home on their designated PE day (including Wednesday) will have a video lesson posted on Google Classroom with an assignment. The PE teacher will provide available time slots to check in with students learning from home. Please look for this information in your child’s PE Google Classroom
·        In-person PE class will be held outdoors unless the weather conditions do not allow, in which case the class will meet in the Gym and physically distanced


·        Students will be called by individual bus to exit classrooms and board the bus
·        This process will begin at 2:30pm
·        Students in grades Kindergarten, 1st, and 3rd grade will be dismissed first, starting at approximately 2:50
·        Kindergarten classes will wait under the trees in the front of the building
·        1st grade will come out the main entrance door and will be spread out on the brick area
·        3rd grade will be coming out the door by the Gym
·        2nd and 4th grade will be dismissed at approximately 2:55 once K,1,3 has started to disperse
·        2nd grade classes will wait under the trees in the front of the building
·        4th grade will come out the main entrance door and will be spread out on the brick area
·        MS siblings should NOT walk down to the ES to wait with siblings. Parents should pick the MS child up first and then drive down to pick up the younger students
·        When exiting your vehicle to meet your child, you must wear a face covering and physically distance from those outside your family home


Mask Breaks

·        All students are required to wear a face covering while at school
·        Students will have mask breaks at minimum during snack and lunch
·        Teachers may have additional breaks (preferably outdoors) when time allows in the schedule



·        Hallways will be one way and stairwells are designated as either UP or DOWN


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