VIDEO: Tech Troubleshooting - Installing Apps Needed for Remote Learning School Issued iPads

One of the tech questions we're receiving from families is in regards to Google apps on school issued iPads that just won't open when you click on it.
You may need to delete the app, and reinstall it.
Watch the video below, for troubleshooting. Please be sure your closed captioning is on when viewing!
Instructions for installing Google Chrome, Jamboard, Gmail and/or other apps needed for FRCS distance learning on Apple iPads:
  1. On the home screen of the iPad, swipe to the right to see the second screen.
  2.  On the second screen, click on the “System” folder and find the App Store app (may be on the second page of the folder).
  3. Open the App Store and click on “Search” on the bottom right.
  4.  In the search bar, type in “Google Chrome”
  5.  Click on “Get” (or a cloud icon with an arrow)
  6.  If not already entered previously, enter this information for the Apple, PW: School12!
  7.  Click Install, Then click Always Require
  8. Repeat steps 3 – 5, entering “Google Jamboard” and “Gmail” in the search.
  9. Hit the home button (physical circle button on iPad)
  10. Wait for apps to download and install
  11. (optional) Press and hold on the icon and drag to the left to place on the first screen
Have Tech Questions or Need Help? Contact the FRCS Family Tech Support at
A member of our tech team will respond, and help answer your questions to make sure your student is up and running for remote learning.
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