The 8th Grade Celebration

It was a special evening for Foxborough Regional Charter School 8th Graders! 
On Tuesday, June 16th, the students marked the milestone of finishing Middle School, and moving on to High School with the annual 8th Grade Celebration. 
This year's celebration was held virtually, via Zoom. And, while we couldn't gather in person to celebrate the outstanding class of 2024 -- it was a special evening for the FRCS community to be together. 
Below, you can find the incredible work by the students who spoke and presented during the celebration! Also be sure to view the slides created by members of the 8th grade class. 
A big thank you to Ms. Coatsworth, Ms. Kelliher, Ms. Bortolotti and Mr. Gudmundson for making this evening so special!  
Congratulations, Grade 8 Students! Enter to Learn, Exit to Lead! 
Virtual Processional (Student Slides)
The students created these slides that were presented during the celebration. 
Jessica cole nathalya

Be sure to check out the slides made by many of the students! They did a wonderful job sharing their memories of 8th grade! 
Class Poems
Two student poems were chosen to be read at the 8th Grade Celebration. 
Gabriela Kenaan - The Next Four Years
Click HERE to read Gabriela's Poem
Ethan Abraham - Life is Like a Video Game
Video of Ethan's Poem - Coming soon! 
Click HERE to read Ethan's Poem
In Memoriam
Krisha Patel wrote a poem called "Unforgettable" in memory of classmate Lilly Toxavidis who passed away this past year. 
Class Speeches
Three students presented speeches during the 8th Grade Celebration.
Jasmine Scott
Click HERE to read Jasmine's speech.
Siddarth Naik and Vaasanthi Savaram
Click HERE to read Siddarth and Vaasanthi's speech.
Check out the kind wishes and messages of congratulations left on the Kudoboard for our students!  You can view the Kudoboard live HERE.
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