High School Summer Reading Assignments (Grades 9-12)

Hello FRCS High School Students: 

This summer you will have two reading assignments.  

The first is the Community Summer Reading book. Find the book assigned to you HERE.  Read it and take notes that you bring with you at the start of school next year.  If you turn in notes and participate in the discussion about the book, you will get full credit for the assignment. The notes need not be extensive - just write down some reactions/questions/observations you had while reading.  You must read the assigned book.  You will not get credit if you decide to read another book unless that switch is approved via email from Mr. Hardie, the High School English Department Head.

The second is a grade specific assignment that will vary whether you are in honors or standard English classes. Read the details closely as each grade/class have different types of assignments and if you have any questions contact Mr. Hardie and he will take care of directing you to the teacher who can answer them for you. The reading lists can be found in the attachments below this message.

Finally, we are happy to announce that FRCS has an arrangement with the web site learningally.org, which has many of the summer reading required books available for free through their app.  Accounts are in the process of being set up for you and details will follow.  You need not purchase a copy of any summer reading book - you may if you wish - but you may also borrow it from a library, read it through the Learning Ally app or through another on-line resource.

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