Help FRCS Win $1K Grant from the Norfolk County District Attorney's Office

Right now, Foxborough Regional Charter School is in a competition with other schools in Norfolk County called the TEAM RIVAL Challenge. The winning school earns a $1,000 grant from the District Attorney’s office. We need your help! Participation is needed from the FRCS School community in order to win the grant! 

We need at least 100 participants to play one-hour of the smokeSCREEN Vape Prevention Game. By playing smokeSCREEN, teens can gain knowledge and build healthy decision-making skills surrounding tobacco use.

Directions on how to get a username and password can be found here.

Important: After one hour, be sure to take a screenshot showing the level you’ve reached in the game. Email the screenshot to using the email you signed up to play with.

In addition, FRCS needs at least 100 participants to take the online Distractology course.

Distractology aims to create a new generation of safer drivers. To date, drivers who’ve completed Distractology are proven to be 19% less likely to have major/minor accidents and 25% less likely to get tra­c violations. The directions for accessing that course can be found here.

The deadline to complete both of these activities is May 1st. Please contact Amanda Goddard with any questions.

More About the TEAM RIVAL Challenge:

The Team Rival challenge pits high schools in Norfolk County against each other in a friendly competition that involves a number of constructive events and functions that revolve around building a school culture of making healthy choices. Members of FRCS Student Leadership attended the annual TEAM RIVAL Conference in November. 

Team Rival


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