Recent Happenings at our Elementary School!

math fun
Ms. Smith's Kindergarten Class had fun in social centers building 3–D shapes and comparing taller and shorter.
declamation finals declamation finals
Here are a few photos from the Grade 3 Declamation Contest
Grade 2 and 8
Grade 2 and Grade 8 buddies! 
Grade 2 and K reading buddies
Grade K and Grade 2 Reading Buddies! 
st lucia day
Ms. Solivan's Kindergarten class took a trip to Sweden to learn about St. Lucia Day! 
illustrator at work reading lesson

In Ms. Stone's class - Tristan and Karen try making a block print after reading “An Illustrator at Work” by Catherine Schmidt. This book, part of out beautiful new set of readers details how illustrator Neil  Brigham created his artwork for the book “Library Cat” which the students enjoyed. 
reading buddies mr martin
Mrs. Gimler's Grade 4 class enjoys reading buddies with Mr. Martin! 
walk a thon
Grade 4 Walk a Thon to raise money to support the American Red Cross and victims of hurricanes.
Ms Chick reading
Ms. Maguire's Kindergarten class welcomes Ms. Chick as a guest reader in class! 
PJ and Hero Day in Maguires class
PJ and SuperHero Dress Down Day in Ms. Maguire's classroom!
gingerberad houses gingerbread houses
Ms. Smith’s class welcomed parent volunteers, student teachers and Aggie alumni’s in her annual gingerbread house activity! 
gingerbread men
 Ms. Solivan's class made Gingerbread Men!
stem challenge 
STEM challenge in Ms.Arenella's class: Who can make the tallest tree?!
family traditions family traditions
Some of our student's families visited Ms. Arenella's class to share their holiday traditions! 
life size gingerbread
Making life-sized gingerbread men with Ms. Bozzi!