Grade 1 Students Show Support for our Military with Community Service Project

During our Character Education Classes, our FRCS students have been learning about and discussing acts of kindness, helping in our community, being a good citizen as well as learning about Veteran’s Day and World Kindness Day. To go along with this, our Grade 1 students completed a Community Service Learning Project that incorporates these topics.
For a few weeks, Grade 1 classrooms worked to collect items for the men and women of our military to show our gratitude for their service and to brighten their day during the holiday season. Each classroom collected different kinds of snacks and I-Tunes gift cards to build care packages to send overseas. The students also Included holiday crafts that they made in these care packages.
This CSL concluded with a very special visitor to Ms. Thompson's class! Tommy's dad, Mr. Walsh is currently deployed and serving our country overseas. On Friday, December 13th, Mr. Walsh was able to FaceTime with the class! 
grade 1 military visit grade 1 military Grade 1 military

Thank you to the Walsh family, and to all of our Grade 1 families who contributed to this CSL project! We truly appreciate your generosity! 
grade 1 military