Updates from 6th Grade

From Mr. Smith:
6th grade ELA has just wrapped up an extensive Personal Narrative writing unit where students were asked to effectively use dialogue and sensory detail to color their stories. In Geography we took an in-depth look at the origins of the Cold War, culminating in an all-grade simulation of the Berlin Airlift. Additionally we have brought our Europe unit to a close by actively debating the pros and cons of Brexit for the United Kingdom.
From Mr. Philibert:
Grade 6 is also finishing up the Astronomy unit and getting ready for a trip to the Christa McCauliffe Space Center at Framingham State University. During the Astronomy unit, students have learned about how the rotation and revolution of the Earth affects our lives, and why we need a leap year to keep our calendars accurate. They have investigated the reasons for the tides, as well as solar and lunar eclipses, and how each are coordinated with the phases of the Moon. Our other investigations included the objects in our solar system and the life cycle of stars. In preparation for the field trip, students spent several days considering factors affecting the likelihood of there being life on Mars and what it would take to complete a manned mission to one of our closest neighbors.