Blizzard Bags Being Distributed to Students!

As you may remember from last year, we introduced Blizzard Bags across the district. Providing robust and meaningful learning experiences for our students when school is closed due to inclement weather helps maintain the continuity of learning.
Blizzard Bags are being sent home this week to students in grades 1-11. Students should store the Blizzard Bags safely at home and have them ready in the event of a school cancellation. They will go into effect the next snow day and any subsequent snow day this school year (as long as we do not have more than 7 snow days this school year!).
As a reminder, Blizzard Bag assignments are due 5 days after the canceled day to give students an opportunity to meet with teachers, to ensure special supports and accommodations are met, and to consider any extenuating circumstances that may occur during snow days.
If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teacher.