Technical Issues Continue to Impact Email at FRCS

Thank you for your patience as we sort through this IT challenge as quickly as possible. We want you to know that we are working on solutions to ease frustration.
Last week, our network was hacked. This has been a serious and comprehensive breach. While we have firewalls and safeguards in place to prevent cyber attacks, there are new viruses developed every day that are proving to penetrate even the strongest defenses. We are working closely with outside sources to navigate the next steps and to restore our network as quickly as possible.
Community wide email messages, like the Friday newsletter,  can be sent to families because they are generated via a web based product. Other web based products that are not impacted by this breach include:
  • The school website
  • SchoolBrains
  • MySchoolBucks
  • School Lunch Choice
  • FamilyID
At this time, many teachers and staff members are still unable to access and respond to emails sent to their personal FRCS accounts. Fortunately, we have a great team of professionals working through this, and we have started to roll out short term solutions so that the teaching and learning environment is minimally impacted.
If you need immediate assistance, please call the school at 508-543-2508.
Thank you for your patience!