Keeping safety and security at the forefront of our learning environment

We take the safety and security of our entire school community extremely seriously.  In fact, it is our primary job. 

Over the years, we have worked with a dynamic team of security professionals to create a comprehensive Emergency Management and Multi-Hazard Plan.  Specifically, we have also focused significant attention on our training and response in the case of an intruder.  While incidents such as these are rare, they are also unfortunately real, and it is essential we are vigilant and prepare.  This has resulted in moving toward a Run, Hide, React model rather than just a hide/lockout down approach.  Research and lessons learned over the years demonstrate a clear need to provide options based upon specific situations.  

Of course, training for those options and appropriate responses is critical.  Over the past four years, we held lecture and interactive training sessions with all our staff.  We initially practiced Hide/Lockdown drills, and then progressed to introduce the Run and React components.  This is based upon responding to the best information available at the time, including both an immediate Run/ Evacuation and a Run/Evacuation after going into a Hide response (a threat is no longer in the immediate area). 

Both local and state tactical law enforcement are knowledgeable about our campus, areas of egress, and facility operations.  They worked with us on a comprehensive response and reunification plan and have virtual maps of our campus.  In addition, K-9 units are included in our training and response plans, and we provide opportunities for these partners to train at FRCS. 

sro monterrosso

This year, we have continued to build upon previous lessons and scenarios to strengthen our individual and collective knowledge and abilities to respond appropriately.  And as you know, we also have a full-time, dedicated School Resource Officer (SRO) on campus.  SRO Monterroso has made an amazing difference in our hallways, cafeterias, and classrooms over the past year, and I look forward to his continuing positive impact across our school community. 

While reactionary measures typically receive the most public attention, it is important to note that is only one aspect of our programming.  We have a variety of formal, proactive, and preventative measures that serve to keep our campus safe and secure.