2019 MCAS results continue to show tremendous student achievement and growth!

As is our tradition, our high school students performed extremely well in their statewide assessments, continuing to achieve tremendous progress and proficiency across the various grades and subjects.  Demonstrating the success of our K-12 programming, historically culminating in strong high school MCAS results, I am pleased to provide a summary: 

High School

High school students continued to demonstrate strong progress and proficiency across the various grades and subjects.   

  • 10th graders demonstrated exceptional proficiency and growth, as evidenced by high achievement levels measured by the state’s Composite Performance Indices (CPI – scores out of 100) in ELA (100.0), Math (97.2), and Science, Technology, and Engineering (91.7), all far outpacing the state results.
  • All significant subgroups (all races, English language learners, economically disadvantaged, disabled, and high needs) achieved at high levels, demonstrated growth, and met/exceeded state targets.
  • 100% of 10th graders passed English Language Arts (ELA).
  • All but one student passed Math.
  • 100% of 9th and 10th graders passed their Science, Technology, and Engineering exams.


Our elementary and middle school results mirror the state averages, on the whole, with strong performances in some grades and subjects.  In ELA, our students demonstrated higher growth and performance across the grades compared to 2018 results.  All student subgroups met or exceeded targets established by the state.  There was also a narrowing of many previously seen achievement gaps.  In Math, there was demonstrated growth yet at a slower pace and with a slight decline in performance compared to 2018.  Gaps likewise were narrowed across many subgroups.

We have been analyzing the results in greater detail, including how our students performed on individual standards, test items, and across subgroups.  We have begun using these data to develop a strategic plan to align with our professional development program and curriculum revisions, including targeting any specific supports for individuals and small groups of students.