Campus improvements made over Summer break

Our Operations Department has been very busy working on numerous improvement projects on campus this Summer! Here's a quick look at some of their efforts as we get ready to head back to school for the 2019-2020 school year!

Paving & Pothole Filling

Potholes filled on campus

Good news for all who are dropping off and picking up at the Elementary School! Crews have re-paved portions of our South Access across from the Shell station, including the spot where our property meets Route 140. Crews have also filled in all of those big potholes around campus. This will certainly ease frustrations for families and staff! 

New Lighting at our South Access

new south entrance lights

Earlier this Summer, we installed new lighting along our South Access leading up to the Elementary School. New lights line the roadway up to the parking lot, which improves safety for drivers and students on campus.

Middle School Bathrooms

new bathroom plumbing

Bathrooms in the Middle School have been gutted and are being re-modeled this summer. The renovation is well underway! The flooring and rough plumbing have been completed and new fixtures and stalls are being put in place. 

Other Projects

new ms tilenew lockers

In addition to the bathroom renovations, several lockers have been replaced in the Middle School, new lockers have arrived for our incoming 5th graders, and new tile has been installed around the building. Also, a new air conditioner system for the Middle School is being installed.