Here we GROW again....our fleet of buses that is!
Guided reading and writing processes are connected through individual and whole class experiences
Faculty and Staff 2016-17
Congratulations Falcon Volleyball Champions 5th consecutive year!
5 yrs running FRCS Grade 5 students outperform state average MCAS Science test results by 20+%!
Athletics offers opportunities to grow physically/mentally/emotionally & promotes positive selfesteem
FRCS stands together against bullying; united for kindness, acceptance & inclusion - Unity Day 2016
FRCS students out score the nation by 50 points; placing in the 94th percentile in the Nat'l Spanish Exam
Gr. 5 students bond & learn science/math, teamwork & communication skills during Natures Classroom
FRCS values the rich diversity of our students, families and our world’s cultures
Starting in Kindergarten & through grade 12, Spanish is a mandatory requirement of our program

Current Events

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