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Family Engagement at FRCS is defined as collaboration between families and schools that drives student achievement. The goals of this collaboration are to help families guide, support, and advocate for their children’s learning; to encourage families and educators to foster high expectations for children; and to enable families and schools to share decision-making and leadership to improve school quality.


Core Beliefs of Family Engagement:

  • Every child deserves an excellent education, wants to achieve at high levels and can do so with support from home and school.
  • All families care about and want the best for their children.
  • Actively engaged families are assets in supporting student learning, progress and positive outcomes
  • Teachers have a tremendous influence on children’s outcomes
  • Families and school staff are equal stakeholders
  • Responsibility of building partnerships rests with staff and school leadership

Studies have shown that Family Engagement is a key indicator of student academic success! Our goal is to partner with families and provide them with as many engagement opportunities as possible.