No School June 20, 2022

On June 18 2021, President Biden signed a proclamation confirming June 19th as the Federal Juneteenth Day of Observance. The Juneteenth Day of Observance commemorates freedom and more specifically “June 19, 1865 — nearly nine decades after our Nation’s founding, and more than 2 years after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation — enslaved Americans in Galveston, Texas, finally received word that they were free from bondage.  As those who were formerly enslaved were recognized for the first time as citizens, Black Americans came to commemorate Juneteenth with celebrations across the country, building new lives and a new tradition that we honor today”~ President Biden, A Proclamation on Juneteenth Day of Observance, 2021. Attached you will find a link for the full proclamation.