Having Trouble Logging In? Video Tutorial Will Guide You Through Logging Into Your Student's Official FRCS Account; iPad Troubleshooting Information Included

As we prepare for the new school year and the continuation of remote learning (remote for at least the first few weeks); students will begin using our new OneLogin account and their official FRCS email addresses to log into their Google Classrooms next week.  We will not be using any personal Gmail/emails that were used last spring.  Students will have access to their student resources available to them at FRCS through our OneLogin Portal.    


FRCS senior Daniel Currier has created a quick tutorial video to walk you through the process. Thank you, Dan! 


Click HERE to watch the FRCS OneLogin Tutorial! 



Step by Step Instructions: 

Please follow the instructions below to setup your FRCS OneLogin account and create new passwords.  (Note: The tutorial references receiving the information via email. Elementary and Middle School Families: This information was sent via mail in the principal letters. High School families, this information was sent via email. If you have not received this information via mail OR email, please contact your school's administrative assistant.)

  1. Use any browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari, Etc.) to get to the OneLogin portal which is a portal for student resources available to students at FRCS. 
  2. Type in the URL of your browser: https://frcs.onelogin.com 
  3. Login with your student username and password: Your Student Username is:  the last two digits of your student's graduation year, followed by their first initial, and their last name( Example, as you saw in the tutorial, Daniel's username is 21dcurrier). Enter the password that was either emailed OR sent  in a letter from the principal.  
login screen
  1. At this point you will be prompted to create a new password for yourself. Your passwords must have 8 characters with at least one of each: Capital letter, Number, and Symbol. Example: Big4@life! (The B is a capital letter) 
  2. Important to note: If you received an Apple device, and are getting a message to enter an Apple ID, please DO NOT enter any credit card information. We are working on a permanent solution for this issue - but in the meantime, please just press "cancel". Thank you for your patience!  

Once you have completed your OneLogin login, you now have access to: Microsoft Office 365 and Google Classroom. (More applications are coming to OneLogin soon.) 


Please donot share your password with anyone.  Alternatively, you can go to your profile (top right) and change your password there. When you change your password it effectively changes in OneLogin, Google Classroom, Microsoft Office365 and for computers at FRCS only. It will not change your password in School Brains.

Have Tech Questions or Need Help? Contact the FRCS Family Tech Support at familytechsupport@foxboroughrcs.org.
A member of our tech team will respond, and help answer your questions to make sure your student is up and running for remote learning.


Logging in to WIFI at home on school issued HP Stream:

  • Boot up the HP Stream PC per usual; do not login.
  • Look on the lower right hand corner. There is a “globe” icon there.
  • Click it; it will display all nearby wireless networks.
  • Pick the one that is yours. Enter your password.
  • Make sure it connects (it will tell you).
  • Once connected. then login as student.
  • Password is Student1 (capital S).

To connect an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to your wireless home network:

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi.
  3. Confirm that Wi-Fi is set to On.
  4. Choose your network from the list provided.
  5. Enter your network's encryption key if you're prompted and tap Join.
  6. Tap On to automatically join networks your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch has joined previously. If it detects a network it doesn't recognize, it will ask you before it automatically joins the network.
  7. Tap the Home button to return to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch home page.
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