Grades 8-11: Select Your Top Picks for 2020 Community Summer Reading

Since 2018, the English Department, in conjunction with the Student Advisory Board and with the gracious cooperation of all high school teachers, has run a summer reading program with the goal of making the reading a more authentic, less onerous, yet still academically valuable experience.  We also hope to provide more options so that the book you choose is one of interest to you. Accordingly, in addition to the one book you’ll be assigned based on the English class you are taking next year (note: AP English classes and honors classes may have additional reading requirements), you will read one of the 37 books on this list.  37 High School Staff members have selected a book.  Please list your top three choices. 

To do NOW:

Click on the attachment below to see the 37 books and a brief description of each. Please fill out the Google form to show YOUR TOP 3 CHOICES AND YOUR NAME. *This task was also posted in Google Classroom by English Teachers this week.*

Students will have one of those choices assigned to you before the end of the school year. 

The Community Summer Reading Assignment

 3 easy steps

  • Read the book selected/assigned;
  • Take reading notes to bring with you at the start of the school year. The notes need not be in any formal format.  Just have observations, questions and insights to participate in a discussion about the book; and
  • During a LEGO the first week of school, you will meet with the staff member who selected the book and other students who read it and chat about the book.

Goal:  If you bring in notes to turn in and participate in the discussion, you have completed the assignment!  If not, your English teacher will assign you an alternate assignment to make up for your failure to do the summer reading.  Please do not let that happen.

Please contact your English Teacher with any questions.

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