Middle and High School Students Compete in 11th Annual Spanish Spelling Bee

Foxborough Regional Charter School held its 11th annual Spanish Language Spelling Bees for Middle and High School students the week of February 10th. 
All of our students who took part in the bees did an outstanding job! Congratulations to all of our participants and our top three finishers in each level! 
Grade 5
  1. Raynoah Strackman
  2. Kylina Brown
  3. Precious Udo

Level 1

  1. Sean Ndungu
  2. Olganita Jean-Laurent          
  3. Martine Louis-Juste  

Level II

  1. Nathalya Aldophe
  2. Zion Zhuwao
  3. Sara Alrashid

Level III

  1. Saanvi Kumar
  2. Claire Martin Neill
  3. Anyav Mehta

Level IV

  1. Indeera Chehab
  2. Kritisha Agrawal
  3. Rohit De

Level V

  1. Dale Cover    
  2. Emily Reilly   
  3. Jasmine Scott           
Grade 5 bee
Grade 5
Level 1 spanish bee
Level I
level 2 spanish beeLevel II
Level 3
Level III
Level 4 bee
Level IV
Level 5 bee
Level V
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