Support FRCS

Foxborough Regional Charter School is proud to offer a rigorous, college preparatory program with a focus on student leadership and civic engagement and we work hard to engage all students in quality education. It is the school’s goal to see every child succeed!

Fulfilling this mission is no easy task. It requires an extensive commitment of time, energy and financial resources that far surpass the funding we receive from the state. We depend on a mix of fundraising activities to support our program and the future success of our students.

The Friends of Foxborough Regional Charter School Foundation was created in 2010 to aid and benefit the school in the advancement of its educational purposes. The primary goal of the Friends of Foxborough Regional Charter School is to diversify funding to ensure the School’s long-term financial stability by raising funds from corporations, foundations, and individuals. Our Fundraising campaigns are designed to secure private support for the school’s goals including:

  • Funding for facility needs
  • Funding and expansion of FRCS programs and initiatives
  • Strengthening FRCS technology
  • Building a strong, enduring base of unrestricted support

The Foxborough Regional Charter School’s fundraising capacity relies upon:

  • The school’s unique Mission and competitive strategic position
  • The school’s demonstrated effectiveness in fulfilling its mission and delivering its core competencies
  • The active leadership and involvement of its Board
  • Its capacity to successfully implement and maintain the activities funded