Student Council

The mission of the FRCS Student Leadership is to unite all stakeholders within our school, as well as perform in accordance to the Mission and Vision statement of the Foxborough Regional Charter School. Our goal is to create open lines of communication as well as create positive relationships within our school community between students, faculty, and parents. Together as a school community, we will plan events that will improve the culture of our school and benefit our school in general, as well as the community around us.


Plan activities and events by grade level and the whole school community:

  • Socials
  • Activities/events that build class and/or school identity
  • Community service events

Give back to the community through charity and volunteering

Establish better relationships throughout the class and FRCS

Grow and develop leadership skills within each member of the council and as a whole

  • Attending regional and state conferences
  • BFRCS Blast

FRCS Executive Board Handbook