Student Leadership

Student Life is an umbrella for many programs in our school. Many of which are run by students themselves with staff acting only as mentors and advisors.

The student life programs all support academic excellence. During a daily period in grades 6-12 students run extra curricular activities, mentoring programs and academic support programs.

Extra curricular clubs include many of the things you would see in a typical high school such as yearbook, drama, and student newspaper. There are also many very unique clubs like improvisation, archaeology, and step club that were all created as a result of student interest and staff willingness to support and promote their leadership efforts. Any idea within reason, is treated as an opportunity to learn project management skills.

Student life also runs social activities such as ski trips and dances. But unlike a more typical school, these responsibilities are just add-ons.

The real responsibility of student life is to support our school mission by promoting academic excellence. So the heart of student life is all about mentoring and service. On a daily basis students are busy with social mentoring or peer tutoring activities as well as planning school wide service projects to support local, state, national and international needs.

Essentially we offer students the time and the space, under the safety net of the school and with staff supervision, to create, lead and oversee their own activities. This hands on opportunity helps to prepare our students for real life experiences and is one of the things that makes our school so unique.