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Dress Code

Students are required to present in a professional manner and in our school colors at all times.  Our goal has been and is to maintain a professional, appropriate, and consistent appearance, free from distractions to better support the learning environment.

Please feel free to review the full Dress Code Policy HERE. Revised 09-15

The FRCS logo polo shirts, oxford shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts must be solid navy blue, white or tan.  All school logo dress code items must be purchased through JB Pride Uniforms.  Due to a recent merger of JB Edwards Uniforms and School Pride Uniforms, the name has changed.  The website and school code has also changed.  Please see changes below and contact them directly with any questions regarding the items needed or to make a purchase.  If you choose to purchase pants through another vendor, they must look similar to the styles offered through JB Pride.  Please note cargo pants or shorts do not meet our dress code requirements.

As you may know, in 2012, FRCS introduced the logo shirts as part of our required dress code.  At that time, to help with the transition, we also provided logo patches to be sewn or ironed on to dress code color shirts.  Patches were meant to serve as a temporary solution, yet many families continue to use the patches rather than purchase logo shirts.  Understanding this may be due to financial considerations, the school has continued to recognize these patches, so long as they are applied (sewn or ironed) appropriately and are consistent with the professional look per the school’s policy.  For example, patches taped or pinned to shirts do not meet the requirement.  Also, patch colors must be consistent with shirt color.  A white patch with blue lettering must be applied to a white shirt.  A navy patch with white lettering must be applied to a navy shirt.

Consistent with policy and procedures, school culture staff will notify a family if a student is not properly wearing dress code, including a logo shirt.  Should a student be wearing a shirt, without a properly-affixed patch, the school culture team will uphold the student handbook consequences for students out of dress code.

If transitioning to JB Pride logo shirts during the start of the year presents a financial hardship, please contact Michelle Bartley by phone 508-543-2508 x270 or by email at mbartley@foxboroughrcs.org and we will work with individual families.

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