Health and Wellness

Foxborough Regional Charter School Health and Wellness Advisory Committee

Each school district in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is required to have a wellness policy in place and implement procedures that support the well-being of all children. Foxborough Regional Charter School was one of the leaders in the state to be in compliance with this mandate. The school was awarded a Gold Level Coordinated School Health Award in 2011, recognizing the innovative approaches to ongoing needs of students.

In order to continuously review policies and procedures and to ensure that they are relevant and purposeful, the school has a committee that meets four times per year to review and assess all wellness details

The focus of this committee is a school-wide coordinated approach to support healthy food choices, physical activity and health education.  This approach will enhance student, staff, and community awareness in making healthy lifestyle decisions.

Foxborough Regional Charter School Wellness Policy

We encourage staff, parents, students and other community members to become involved!

Please note the meeting schedule (3:30PM/Edwards Conference Room) and meeting minutes below:


October 24, 2017
January 9th, 2018
March 13th, 2018
May 8th, 2018


For more information please contact Cathy Alix.