Tri-M Music Honor Society

tri m

Foxborough Regional Charter School Chapter Number 7182

Tri-M is a National Music Honors Society, a program of the National Association for Music Education

The FRCS chapter of the Tri-M music honor society provides an appropriate avenue for recognizing the musical achievements of our members. By strengthening our school’s music program, it helps our members reach their full musical potential. By motivating and recognizing our members’ musical and personal achievements, credits, and grades Tri-M encourage our members to work together toward a common goal that is to inspire and challenge our members, and focus public attention on our school’s music program through community service and performances.

After members have been nominated they will convene for meetings during which they will, elect officers and decide on projects.

For further information please contact Mr. Michael Grandel

Meeting Dates & Times:

  • Jr. Division, Tri-M Meetings TBD
  • Sr. Division, Tri-M Meetings TBD

Upcoming Events:

Induction Ceremony May 4th, 2017-Cafetorium 6:30-8:00pm

Eligibility Requirements:

Founding members of the Charter have been selected by the Chapter Advisor, in consultation with faculty members of the music department. Official installation of these members will occur at the induction ceremony this spring.

Students are eligible for nomination in the Jr. Tri-M Honor Society after two years of active participation in the music program at the middle school level. Sr. Tri-M Members are eligible after two years of active participation in the music program at the high school level, or immediately upon entering high school if they continue to be an active participant in the music program at the high school level, and they are a current Jr. Tri-M member.