Instrumental Music (Grades 4-12)

Instrumental Music News: Congratulations are in order for Janda Nuovo and Pranitha  Kancharla  for making it once again to the Junior District Orchestra, and Sridhar Murthy for becoming our first FRCS student to successfully audition and make it to the Senior District Festival!

Our Elementary Orchestra has formed and begun to learn the basics of playing their chosen instruments as a team.

Our Middle School Orchestra gained a few new members and has a solid number of students making it the largest orchestra at the school.

The High School Orchestra continues to improve their skills as an ensemble learning new challenging pieces arranged by Mr. Grandel for this specific group.  

The High School Tri-M music honor society members are providing service to the school by providing their younger counterparts with learning their instruments.Senior Center

The after school music lessons continues to grow gaining new music teachers and students who take private or group lessons which is an essential part of succeeding in learning how to play each musical instrument in the proper fashion.

The FRCS instrumental music program is open to all students following the third grade.  Any student regardless of grade may audition for a position in the orchestra after they have learned how to play a scale on their chosen orchestral instrument. Sign up Form   Auditions are set for September and January, or upon entering the school.  It is highly recommended that each student begin taking private or group lessons prior to starting and continue at a minimum until the full musical compliment of their instrument’s range has been learned.

Summer Group Lessons are offered to students after the third grade for a fee for who those would like to begin learning their instrument at the school. Dedicated instrumental students at the intermediate level and above attend the Great East Music Festival/competition in the spring.  Students who are a part of the Middle School Orchestra or the High School Orchestra will be invited to participate in the Great East competition.


Studies have shown that music education improves

brain development! Learn more about the benefits of Music Education: Music-Matters-slide-show  or How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

If  you haven’t had an opportunity to express your opinions with us about our instrumental music program at FRCS please take some time to share

 your ideas with us.

Survey Monkey: Instrumental Music Lessons at FRCS


For further information please contact Mr. Michael Grandel at:

Rehearsal Days & Times

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1:38 – 2:40pm  HS Orchestra HS Orchestra HS Orchestra
2:40-3:30 pm MS Orchestra MS Orchestra  HS Orchestra MS Orchestra  HS Orchestra
3:30-4:15 pm ES Orchestra ES Orchestra ES Orchestra

Upcoming Events: (note: students are expected to arrive no later than 20 minutes from the start of any concert event)

Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal Tuesday, December 12, 2017 1:30-4:30 pm
ES Winter Concert

MS & HS Winter Concert

Thursday, December 14, 2017

ES Winter Concert at 6:45 in the Cafetorium

ES students arrive no later than 5:40 pm.

MS & HS 7:00-8:15 pm in the MS/HS Cafetorium

MS & HS Students arrive no later than 6:40 pm

Senior Center Concert

(HS Orchestra)

Great East Music Festival/Six Flags Field Trip* Friday, May 25, 2018 7:15 am-8 pm

District Orchestra News:

Senior Auditions are being held on Saturday November, 18 in Wrentham, MA at King Philips Regional HS.  Audition Pieces link.

Junior Auditions are being held on Saturday December, 2 in Marshfield, MA at Furnace Brook MS. Audition Pieces link.


Boston Symphony Orchestra Field Trip- TBD:  HS Orchestra Only

Date: TBD

Visit for more information – Cost: Tickets $10 + $20 recommended for Lunch.

Great East /Six Flags Field Trip

*Great East/Six Flags Field Trip Total Fee (was $76 for students 2017). Payment is TBD, non-refundable and is DUE on Friday March 2, 2018.   Great East, Six Flags Field Trip Permission & Medical Release Forms 2017

~~Instrumental competition is for the MS and HS only.~~

Videos from the Great East Festival 2017

Orchestra Forms:


2017 September-October Newsletter

2017 May-June Newsletter