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PE News: Through the month of February the Falcons PE Team is proud to collaborate with the American Heart Association to promote Jump Ropes for Heart with our Elementary Students and Hoops for Heart with our Middle School Students .  Please use the links below for more details on the program.

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Grades k-2:  The K-2 students have been working extremely hard on their spatial awareness, locomotor and non-locomotor skills. Also, cooperative k-2-pic-boy-with-ballgames through fun games and learning experiences. personal space, general space, direction, speed sharing, fair play, fleeing, and safety are emphasized. The students have played games such as musical hoops, fire and ice, movement red, yellow and green light, group juggling and hula hoop.

 Grade 2: Health: The 2nd grade students have been studying and playing industriously, in health so far, this year. Topics have included in health mental and emotional health through the use of fun individual and group activities in class.  They have also learned about good character, feelings, wise decision making and self-concept. They have been engaging in different types of interactive activities where they are putting the skills they have learned and using them in a variety of situations.

Grades 3-5 Physical Education: The 3rd through 5th grade students have been working diligently during term 1. We started the year with Fitness gram fitness testing, the students completed a variety of physical fitness test, like the pacer, sit and reach, push-up and sit-ups test. These tests were given to observe how their agility, muscular strength, muscular3-5-pe-boys-alley endurance, cardio-respiratory and flexibility levels measure alongside other peers of their respective grade levels. After fitness testing, we moved on to cooperative and team building activities. This unit, students were able to demonstrate critical thinking and teamwork to accomplish goals together as a group. Cooperative activities they participated in were group juggling, hula hope stack and radioactive river. The 3rd unit was our kicking and soccer unit. Students learned the various skills related to the game of soccer and engaged in many different activities to practice dribbling, kicking and passing skills. Some activities they engaged in were station activities, sideline soccer and mass soccer.

4th Grade Health: The 4th grade students have been learning about what total health, character, peer pressure and self-concept entails. The main vocabulary the students have been learning about and using are personality, self-respect, values, long and short term goals and self-concept.

5th Grade Health:

To kick off the year, we discussed the different components of Health & Wellness. Students compared the similarities and differences of Physical, Mental & Emotional, as well as Family and Social Health through brochures they created.  We then discussed the importance of having goals. Students created a list of goals they would like to accomplish by the end of the school year and another about life goals. We will look back on this at the end of the year and reflect on any goals that were completed. We then explored what traits exemplify someone with good character. Students created “Character Wheels” to show the six traits of good character.  After this, we learned about emotions and healthful ways to express them. Students also became self-help writers for a magazine and wrote to someone who was dealing with a tough situation as to how they could overcome it. Most recently, we completed some posters and comic strips about stress management!

SAVE the DATE:  Tuesday, February 28th 5:30-6:00pm  5th Grade and New Parents “Get Real” Curriculum Information Night in Media Center.

Middle School Physical Education for Term 1

At the beginning of the year, all middle school students participated in the Fitnessgram test during class.  Students were asses7th-8th-grade-pesed on their cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, agility and flexibility.  Students’ scores were compared to national scores based on their age and gender.

5th and 6th grade:

The first unit in term 1 for 5th and 6th grade was soccer.  After spending a couple classes reviewing the basic skills, students had the opportunity to get some game play experience.  Sideline soccer is a good way to introduce students to an actual game of soccer using smaller teams and with less intensity.

After soccer students were introduced to Badminton.  Students were able to relate the skill of striking used in badminton to other sports they are familiar with such as tennis, baseball, softball and hockey.

7th Grade Health:

7th-grade-health-projectsThe majority of Term 1 was spent working on our “Making the Band” projects for our substance abuse unit. Students worked in groups to create a song about a substance they were assigned. They wrote lyrics, created album covers, and performed their songs for the class. We have also recently been discussing mental health, a program called Signs of Suicide, and self-esteem. Students are in the process of finishing their “Character Makeover” papers!

7th & 8th Grade PE:

We began the year with the presidential fitness challenge. Units covered so far have been: soccer, handball, and floor hockey.


High School Physical Education for Term 1 10th-grade-reading

At the beginning of the year, all high school students participated in the Fitnessgram test during class.  Students were assessed on their cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, agility and flexibility.  Students’ scores were compared to national scores based on their age and gender.

After students completed fitness testing they were able to choose from activities such as badminton, volleyball, soccer and hockey.  Students also had the opportunity to choose to work out in the fitness room during class.

10th Grade Health:

We began with a project about how to keep your body healthy. Students worked in groups to translate information from articles and other outside research to create a “Healthy Body Story Book” geared towards 2nd graders.  After completing the book, classes gathered together with lower elementary students and had an opportunity to sit down and read their books to them! We also discussed components of physical fitness, stress management, self-esteem, a program called Signs of Suicide, and we are currently finishing presentations on mental health disorders.

Links for Jump Ropes & Hoops for Heart

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